Edible Weeds

Below is a short list of edible weeds. Its quite amazing that everyday weeds in your garden can be eaten, check out the edible weeds below:

Dandelion greens


Stinging Nettle

Japanese knotweed
(use caution as it may have been treated with chemical, and never culitvate it!)
Yes you really can eat it. It is meant to taste like rhubarb only better. Use it in stews, soups, jams and chutney. The taste is so tarte that it can be used instead of lemon juice.

German Chamomile

Wild Garlic

German Chamomile







Lemon Balm

Water Mint



Dog Rose

Black Elderberry



Please note that any plants described as edible on this website does not mean that it condones or advices eating them. Any plants consumed after reading text from this website is the sole responsibilty of the reader. Weed-Killer.net is not liable and takes no responibility for any ill effects after consuming any plant. Do your research and consult your doctor.

Identify a Weed - Identifying Weeds

Click the links below if you think you know the name of the weed you need to identify:

Australian Swamp Stonecrop Buddleia Creeping Water Primrose Dandelion Devils Apple Dwarf Knotweed

Floating Pennywort Giant Hogweed Giant Knotweed Goldenrod Himalayan Balsam Horse Tail Hybrid Knotweed

Ragwort Rhododendron Rosebay Willowherb Tree of Heaven Water Fern Japanese Knotweed Parrots Feather

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