Identify a Weed - Identifying Weeds

Click the links below if you think you know the name of the weed you need to identify:

Australian Swamp Stonecrop Buddleia Creeping Water Primrose Dandelion Devils Apple Dwarf Knotweed

Floating Pennywort Giant Hogweed Giant Knotweed Goldenrod Himalayan Balsam Horse Tail Hybrid Knotweed

Ragwort Rhododendron Rosebay Willowherb Tree of Heaven Water Fern Japanese Knotweed Parrots Feather

Click the images below if you see one that resembles the weed you wish to identify:

Australian Swamp Stonecrop - Weed KillerFloating Pennywort - Weed KillerRagwort - Weed KillerRosebay Willowherb - Weed KillerAzolla Water FernTree of Heaven - Weed KillerParrots Feather - Weed KillerJapanese Knotweed - Weed KillerGiant Knotweed - Weed KillerRhododendron - Weed KillerCreeping Water Primrose - Weed KillerGiant Hogweed - Weed KillerHimalayan Balsam - Weed KillerHybrid Knotweed - Weed KillerDandelion - Weed KillerHorse Tail - Weed KillerDwarf Knotweed - WeedkillerDevils Apple - Weed KillerBuddleia -  Weed Killer

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